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Our proprietary formulation incorporates a diverse range of living microorganisms. When applied correctly to seeds or plant surfaces, these microorganisms establish a symbiotic relationship with the plant, colonizing its interior. This colonization process leads to an enhanced supply of essential nutrients, including vital minerals, that are crucial for the plant's optimal growth and development.


Our specially formulated blend of beneficial microorganisms offers a multitude of benefits. It stimulates soil microbes, improving drought tolerance and root development. The microorganisms also help neutralize pH levels, enhancing nutrient availability. In orchards and vineyards, they increase Brix levels, improving fruit size, shape uniformity, and color. With these advantages, our product supports overall plant health and yields, providing farmers with superior results in their agricultural operations.


Nurture Growth's microorganisms have the remarkable ability to fixate nitrogen, converting atmospheric nitrogen into usable compounds for plants. By absorbing and binding nitrogen to the root hairs, these microorganisms enhance nutrient availability and stimulate root growth, resulting in healthier and more robust plants.


Nurture Growth's revolutionary microbial organic fertilizer employs the concept of "biomimicry" to mimic natural nutrient provision processes. When used as a foliar spray, our microbes penetrate the plant's cells and naturally generate nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), along with other vital micronutrients and extracellular enzymes. This synergy enhances crop growth and improves overall plant health, ensuring a robust and thriving agricultural yield.

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